The Plan.

We are creators, so the idea of a roadmap, and doing things in a linear way without the posibility to explore new ideas wouldn’t fit with our beings, we prefer to offer freedom to our creativity and explore things around.


Shisoka is all about telling a story, the story people can resonate with, learn from, and care about. We started the story, but it’s time to continue it together with the community. How do we amplify the feelings of it for Shisoka members?  Here’s how we think to do it:

Journey to survival - Mission system

Your Shisoka | The Outcasts NFTs will be able to go on missions that follow the story that we started. Through a gamified staking experience, we will focus on expanding our ideas in a way that the loyal holders are the most rewarded.

Different from other staking services, we will not offer any token in the first phase of the project since we consider there is no need for another Ponzi token in the market. If we will create a token, we will do it right.

Your NFTs will gain Experience in their fight for survival on the island, an important aspect that will be used further in the evolution of your Shisoka NFT.

We are all here with one goal - Survival, which means you can expect some “supplies”
on our journey 😏


Built by weebs, for weebs. A place where you can find the next anime you want to watch, or the next LO-FI anime song you want to listen - holders only.

“What anime should I watch next?” - Problem solved

Your Shisoka NFT will give you access to a platform where our Anime Hunters will create curated lists of Animes, Mangas, and Lo-Fi Songs (anime themed ofc) for every holder. Through the platform you can view suggestions, rate, and suggest an anime, creating discussions with other holders about it.

No crazy innovation here, just something to solve your “What should I watch next” question, hopefully forever.

Creating a community was always about finding common interests between people, that’s where we aim with this platform.


Almost every NFT gives you IP rights, but what can you do with those? How can you benefit from your asset and use it to build something in the long term for yourself? We want to give you an incentive to use your creativity and build dope things with your NFT.

Phase 1


A simple & easy way to display, filter & sort the NFTs from Shisoka collection. Find the one you vibe with the most, check their experience level, and buy it on secondary.

Phase 2


Generate new wallpapers from your NFT in different formats, sizes & positions. Use the images, your creativity, and the IP rights of your NFT to create your own brand around your new web3 avatar.


The meta that everyone loves 🙃. We understand the reason, and that’s why we want to make things different and really show that “We are not the same” - No clichés.

Building a web2 brand - web3 utilities

As the title says, we are looking to build a web2 anime clothing (not only) brand, with benefits for the NFT holders. Our target users will be all anime fans in the world, even if they know what a $3000-worth NFT looks like or not.

Limited collections - Limited period - Once a design is gone, it’s gone forever. Outcasts can expect random drops of clothing, availability of payng with crypto, holders-only discounts and collections, and most important, a chance to sell their design on our marketing resources, working with our artists.

We are looking to explore partnerships with launched animes / other brands to create
valuable things that people will love and wear without being ashamed.


The delusional goal of our project, and the most exciting experiment in it. Think of a manga/anime series where characters IP governance are owned by the community.

Creating an anime show - More likely to not happen rather than to happen

Definitely the most exciting point in our plan, but the most difficult one as well. At this point, everyone knows how expensive it is to create an animated show, but we think it’s possible, and we want to offer Shisoka NFT holders, collective governance over the characters of the show.



Building a strong community is critical in this space, and the only way to go nowadays, and this is definitely something that we are looking to develop and grow. From bringing people among the community in the team to just hanging around, we will explore all that’s possible.

Growing the team - Mods, Artists, Creatives, Devs, Anime hunters


We will start looking closely at our community and offer opportunities to join Shisoka Team for people that are truly passionate about us and about what they are doing. We are looking to expand the team in multiple categories of the business frequently, and holders will have priority over applicants.

Each role will have different obligations specific to their role, and also some common like watching a good anime, taking time off and spending it with family & friends.

Workshops & Anime nights


As we said, we want to become the house of weebs & creatives. We will host workshops in the creative industry where people can learn new real-life skills and why not, change their careers. From time to time we will take breaks and have fun watching new anime episodes together and transfer the hype from one to another.

Hanging around w. the community


From important discussions and updates to making stupid jokes in the middle of the night. We are looking to have regular spaces to discuss everyone’s problems and just to have fun, in our mission to strengthen our community relationships. Today on Twitter / Discord, tomorrow in person.


Hei Passenger, have a safe trip!